About Diamonds

Diamonds have been known as the hardest of all materials since the earliest record of their existence. The word Diamond is derived from the Greek word Adamao, meaning “I tame” or “I subdue”. The adjective Adamas meaning unconquerable was used by the ancient Greeks almost 2,000 years ago to describe the hardest or most impenetrable substance.

Not only is diamond the hardest material known to exist, it also possesses the highest Refractive index, Dispersion and Lustre of all natural gemstones. The 4 C’s have been used for over 100years as a basic system of grading the quality of diamonds.

They were formally introduced in the late 1930’s by the Gemmological Institute of America (GIA) to help educate both jewellers and the public in understanding how to judge and to appreciate the quality of diamonds.


The 4 C’s are still used today and are recognized universally as the four principal characteristics by which both the quality and the ultimate value of a diamond are determined.

They are listed here in the order they appear in a standard Diamond Grading Certificate: CaratClarityColourCut

Some Other Important facts you need to know about diamonds: FluorescenceCertification

The Most Famous diamonds in the world: Famous Diamonds

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