Clarity refers to the optical quality of a diamond and is determined according to the presence, or lack of any internal imperfections otherwise known as inclusions or external imperfections.

Clarity is determined based on the size, number and position of any inclusions or external features.
Clarity grading is carried out by trained specialists using industry standard 10X Loupe except for the lowest Pique or Imperfect grades where a loupe is not needed as this is determined by the naked eye.

Diamonds that are absolutely clear are the most sought after and therefore the most expensive. But most diamonds do have some form of inclusions- scratches, trace minerals or other tiny characteristics.

The GSL, HRD, GIA, DCLA grading laboratories all use a detailed system of rules and standards to summarise the number, location, size and type of inclusions present in a diamond to determine the correct clarity grading.

diamond clarity